Krista Brockbernd

Krista Brockbernd


The person behind the camera and I photograph atmosphere!

I do a lot of photography. Every day. Beautiful people around me, a beautiful landscape that I encounter, suddenly I am in a location that is so photogenic that I must have photographed it. I usually use my iPhone xs for private use, which has a super camera on it.

If I have a photo shoot, I photograph with my Olympus OM-D. What I photograph must suit me, the atmosphere must be right, I want to get energy from it and be happy with the end result. Many photos that I take are used for the websites and social media of my clients.

I also really like to offer photo reports to magazines and magazines. I work with, among others, the Maison en France

About me

In addition to photographing and styling, I also enjoy cooking and baking.

Making super long walks, preferably during sunrise, holidays with my family.

Am addicted to reading historical novels and watching costume dramas (series) such as Downton Abbey, Velvet, Grand hotel etc.

The most important thing is my family. I am the mother of son Sil and daughter Lise and have been in love with their father Anne for more than 20 years. We also have a beautiful blonde labrador Noor.

Greetings, Krista